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Inbetweeners new series denied

Reports of a fourth series rubbished

Reports that there will be a fourth series of the popular comedy The Inbetweeners have been denied by the show’s co-creator, Iain Morris.

Morris took to Twitter to rubbish the rumours, which surfaced after the Daily Star published a quote that was supposedly from one of the show’s stars, James Buckley.

Ian replied to one user who asked for comment on the story, writing:

“Is ‘total b******s’ succinct enough? For those that care, the last time James was in the US was my wedding last year, so the story is either a; v old or b; totally made up.”

He also added:

“The thing about the Daily Star story is that people are getting excited, and now we look [like] a*******s by just maintaining our position.

“It’s really unfair of them, and I’m sorry if it got you excited. I really am. i seem to have disappointed quite a lot of people today by doing nothing. I’m genuinely sorry hopes were raised, but i didn’t raise them.”

The newspaper ‘quoted’ Buckley, during a trip to the States, as saying that a further series was in the works and hinting that a character could possibly be killed off:

“Maybe one of them dies and the other three have to join up for the funeral. But the question is – who are they gonna get rid of?”

The Inbetweeners starred Buckley as Jay Cartwright, alongside Simon Bird, who played Will McKenzie, Blake Harrison as Neil Sutherland and Joe Thomas as Simon Cooper.

The group were last seen on the big screen in the movie adaptation of the series, which broke Box Office records last summer.

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