I'm so happy you're here! As you've landed on my site, chances are that you've left your profession to set up the business of your dreams. You LOVE what you do (and are amazing at it!) but spreading the word about your mission has been harder than you expected.

Instead of being fully booked with soul-aligned clients, you find yourself hustling, feeling imposter syndrome, and struggling with confidence, which affects your ability to be visible as the face of your business.

You're ready to calmly and confidently step up as the sought after expert you are, be fully booked, replace your previous salary and create the level of impact you desire in the world.

  • Feel calmer and more confident than ever before.

  • Talk confidently about your passions online and attract soul-aligned clients.

  • Get more visible and overcome your fear of speaking, posting photos or videos of yourself.

  • Share your unique message and shine online.

  • Say goodbye to procrastination, imposter syndrome, hustling and self-sabotage.

  • Be able to articulate exactly who you help and how, be fully booked and replace your corporate salary.

  • Implement aligned daily habits and self-love practices.

  • Release subconscious beliefs or fears that are currently holding you back.

  • Create more balance and the freedom lifestyle you signed up for!

Re-connect you with your intuition and inner knowing

Rewire your brain to adopt positive beliefs and mindset

Transform your confidence and shine your brightest

Heal your emotions, heart and self-worth. Develop self-love

Balance your energy & connect to your passions

Prior to the call with Hayley I felt fear of being visible and putting myself out there, a lack of focus and overwhelm.

During the call I felt understood, listened to, just talking through things was like a light bulb moment every time.

I can see that working with Hayley will bring clarity, healing, focus and confidence.


I am worthy, I don't have to figure things out on my own.

I came away with tips I can implement and I’m excited to continue working together

— Michelle Clarke

Prior to the session with Hayley I felt little overwhelmed with everything, a bit stuck in my mind and without a clear picture. The most useful thing was hearing someone else looking in, seeing aspects of me and my business I'd never even considered. Like having someone pick up on passions that I'd not properly incorporated into my business. Giving me the confidence to move forward
with my true soul passion. During the session I felt really positive and much more enlightened on my souls purpose. I felt
really good and super confident in myself.

I feel it's given me a new lease of life, a renewed confidence in myself as a woman and a business owner. It's given me much more clarity. I came away with so
much and even more help from the feedback email. It was great, I would absolutely book again and recommend to a friend. You're fabulous, keep doing what you're doing!"

- Kayleigh Marie Designs

“I'm already seeing big shifts in my life and business.  For example, I recently received an email with a bespoke request that I knew instantly wasn’t something that I wanted to be involved in. Before joining the program, I’d have either said yes and then begrudgingly completed the project. Or, I’d have said no and then felt immense guilt and second guessed myself whether it was the right decision.

Through working with Hayley I was able to say no and confidently stand firm with my boundaries. I can also see now that I’ve been undercharging for my skills and going forward, will charge more for bespoke work.”

— Kary Purvis

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